Dear Prabu,
     I congratulate you for writing success stories of ‘ORDINARY INDIVIDUALS’ doing ‘EXTRAORDINARY WORKS’ in rural areas in agriculture page of ‘The Hindu’ on every Thursday. These tales tell us how our culture is still intact in our interiors which rarely find space in our print and electronic media.They reinforce hope and faith in us about potential for bright future for our nation if only we take the trouble of recognising good work of such people.They are the role models for others to emulate to build a nation on sound and strong foundation.But, our society lacks time to pat such people.As usual our governments headed by self centred politicians and corrupt bureucrats miserably fail to reward them with Awards as a token of our appreciation of genuine good work done by these great people around us. Thanks to your furnishing of contact phone numbers, I could speak to Aravindan of Tamilnadu and Mahindra Singh Arya of Rajasthan who figure in your recent articles.
  Mr.Aravindan is a MBA who took up Organic Farming as a profession when majority of educated youth opt for risk free professions in urban centres as a matter of routine.This young bachelor of thity years devotes to farming and he is a role model for farmers in his neighbourhood.By highlighting his dedication to farming, you have done your journalistic job well.Let us hope your coverage attracts many educated youth to agriculture despite many hurdles created by our planners at national and state level.
 It was my pleasure to congratulate him on phone and note enthusiasm of this youngster to continue his romance with Organic Farming. As president of ‘VRIKSHA MITHRA’ — a non -profit organisation founded recently to promote Environment Protection & Community Development — I thank you and your esteemed newspaper for sparing space for Good Samaritans in our rural areas.
  I spoke to Mr.M.S,Arya on phone yesterday. He is 62 yrs old.He had studied upto S.S.C.I spoke to him in Hindi as he was not able to converse in English.He is unaware of publication about him in your paper on 26 May’11.Your newspaper authorities should have taken the trouble of intimating him about it in advance or you could have mailed him a copy of your paper to him on his address given in the article.I know you do not deal with such aspects.Let the concerned look into this suggestion of mine.Hwever,I have posted the article in original to him by post so that he can show it to his kith and kin on the address given by you.I had a detailed talk of thirty minutes with him in Hindi.It is a matter of regret that none of the authorities at district/ state level have recognised his good work though he has developed 15 wheat and 10 mustard varieties on his own initiative.This speaks of how our hardworking and innovative farmers are ignored while our government takes pleasure of conferring Padma Awards on people who have contributed little to societal development on annual basis.Yesterday, I have sent a letter to Mr.Ashok Gehlot (duly enclosing a xerox copy of the article) requesting the hon’ble chief minister of Rajasthan to come out with a scheme of awards for such farmers on annual basis and in the meanwhile felicitate Mr.M.S.Arya either in his office or in his native village as a token of recognition of his work.Mr.M.S.Arya was in a highly frustrated mood during his talk with me as his contributions were never recognised by authorities till todate.I made an effort to lift his spiritsby saying that this article in a reputed paper  — The Hindu — is in itself a great recognition for his endeavours.What others have failed to do, you have done.Hence, I congratulate you for excellent piece of journalism.In a media obsessed with urban news, articles on rural sector penned by journalists of your ilk need to be more in days to come in long term interests of our society.
  Probably, you are touring a lot to cover success stories of individuals in rural parts of our country causing inconvenience to your family members.Your sacrifice is worth the trouble if only our administrators display similar spirit to encourage Aravindans and M.S.Aryas atleast in future.
  Thanks to you and The Hindu for publication of stories of above kind.
Yours Treely
M.V.Nagavender Rao, President, VRIKSHA MITHRA, ( Retired Executive Director, Enginnering,APSRTC,Hyderabad ),6-3-609/1/3/A, Anandnagar, Khairatabad, Hyderabad- 500004, AP,India


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     Save colossal amount of economic aid spent/siphoned by the govt of India in the name of rural development through sudsidies and various other welfare schemes like NEREGA.
     It will provide poison less food to people which will save human suffering from diseases.
     Improvement in health will improve availability of abled manpower which will increase productivity tremendously.
     Save billions of rupees going to MNCs being spent on medicines in treatment of these diseases.
     Attain self relience for rural India which can propel India to unparallelled economic growth & prosperity.
     Transform agricuture in to industries.

    A latest project established at Rajkot( Gujarat), farmers in batches can be trained there.

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